Sunday, 4 March 2012

Spare wheel carrier part 2

Some new pictures of the spare wheel carrier, fully mounted on the scooter.

 Part painted same color as scooter...

 Some thick tape to protect paint on the interfacing parts...

 Installed... turns out the extension piping was not necessary...

 Spare wheel installed...

And voila. Scooter with a spare wheel.

Now if I can only get the time to sort out the engine/exhaust on this.

Friday, 5 August 2011

Spare wheel carrier

Yosephine is still awaiting a motor overhaul, and in the mean time I've added a spare wheel holder to her. The spare wheel holder is originally intended for 8" wheels, so the studs will have to be lengthened to cope with a 10" wheel. Otherwise the part has just been primed and painted with two component paint. 

Sunday, 4 July 2010

Lock change & exhaust fix

Finally got round to cleaning up the garage. Now, for the first time in ages, the garage floor can actually be seen! 

Still crowded in there, but at least its possible to work. Which brings me over to Yosephine.

For some stupid reason I've misplaced the key for the steering lock. So only one thing to do: Replace lock.

Remove lid and drill out old lock.

Replacement lock with keys.

Open & insert, add lid. Voila!

So. Over to the stubborn broken bolt in the engine casing.

The lawn is perfect for horizontal operations...

After breaking 3 drillbits I was able to drill a hole into the broken bolt. With great enthusiasm, the bolt extractor was inserted & torqued up. Result: Extractor broke, leaving me back at square one.

No other options now: The engine is coming out for a rebuild.

Sunday, 20 December 2009

Engine upgrade & early X-mas

No, I haven't fixed the exhaust bolt yet... procrastinating a bit.

I have however moved one step further in getting parts for a full engine makeover. Nothing wrong with Yosephine except for a slipping clutch and the need for an upgear, and Christmas came early this year: I just recently acquired a lot of unused V50 scooter tuning parts from Oslo!

112cc Malossi kit, 24mm Dellorto PHBL, 4 plate clutch, 28-69 upgear, and lots of other parts, all brand new.

I've been working on collecting parts for a uprated V50 engine, but not as extreme and costly as the long stroke 140cc being built for Ferdinand. This engine might find its way into Yosephine, or maybe into The Underdog.

Notice difference in dimension: 136cc vs 112cc.

No wonder they recommend painting the 112cc black (improving heat dissipation) and also recommend electronic ignition, heat dissipation is hugely improved on the 136cc...

The Dellorto 24 PHBL in its glory. Perhaps a tad too big for a mildly tuned 112cc?

Sunday, 29 November 2009

Solution to problem

I've been trying to find best way to approach the broken exhaust bolt on the engine, and I think I have found the simplest way to do it:

In Norwegian these are called "Skrueuttrekker" or "Grisepikk" (Loosely translatable to:"Screw-undriver" or "Pigs dick", don't ask. I believe its titulated as a screw extractor. )

Idea is that you drill out center of the stubborn bolt, then screw on of these fellas into the hole and twist out the bolt.

Good thing about it: It can be done with the engine in the scooter. Bad thing: Drilling freehand in the centre of a bolt will be demanding. The extractor can also get stuck.

I think I'll give it a go. Soon.

Sunday, 8 November 2009

Puncture and season retirement

Friday morning did not start good for me. Going in to Stavanger centrum for an appointment, I had a puncture with Yosephine just beside the local theater.

I had to run for my appointment, and afterwards, I got hold of the missus and our car. Going back home, I fetched some tools and a fresh, spare wheel.

Back at the theater, I started dissassembly of the rear wheel, only to find the bolt that the exhaust hangs in to be totally impossible to loosen. The Polini exhaust needs to be taken off for getting the wheel off. After a lot of swearing, only option I had was to transport the scoot home in the car. Got some celebrity help loading the scoot, Morten Abel just passing by more than willingly gave me a hand getting it into the car without a scratch. Thanks Morten!

Back home the lawn made it easier to work with the rear tire. Got the Polini pipe off by wiggling it off.

Stubborn nut holding the exhaust.

The engine and surroundings look very good considering that its been over 10 years since her restoration!

Underbody looks whole.

Front as well.

With pipe off wheel change is easy.

The stubborn bolt eventually broke off. This probably means that Yosephine is retired for the season. This might be a good time to start thinking about an engine rebuild, with among others a new clutch and an upgear. To be continued...

Monday, 7 September 2009

Some recent pictures...

Regine and Yosephine...
Yosephine in front...
Ferdinand in the foreground...
Front hub...